Culinary highlights: kebabs, fine food, surimi, sauces and desserts

Tasty kebabs
Our kebabs are made of highly nutritious raw food, marinated in choice ingredients and not injected. All products are certified according to the High Quality Standard (IFS).

Exquisite fine food
Delicacies for finger buffets, banquets or the catering trade. As choice finger food or tasty side-dishes. Surprise your guests with this particularly elegant form of convenience food - which goes beyond your expectations.

Delicate surimi
Surimi is a trend product based on fish protein. It comes from Japan where it has a tradition of many centuries. Our surimi stand out due to their large amount of fish and their special taste and consistency.

Piquant sauces
As of June 2007 Kim Foods will introduce its own sauces to the german market. They are of supreme quality and contain no E-numbers whatsoever. The assortment consists mainly of fruity sauces such as the "sweet chilli sauce with mango". They can all be served either hot or cold.

Fruity desserts
Our fruit kebabs dipped in milk chocolate, plain or white chocolate are the ideal complement to your ice-cream menu. The perfect enjoyment with bananas, pineapples or strawberries.